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Student Editorial Board

The Student Editorial Board is responsible for the preliminary selection, topic modification, preliminary review, alteration, and secondary improvement of the manuscript. The editorial team consists of core-members of ACLR, along with students from various reputed universities assembled after a thorough selection process. The editorial team strives to ensure that the manuscripts forwarded to the peer review panel satisfy the standard of legal scholarship required for the journal. The review process is three-tiered managed by the Managing Editor, who reviews and coordinates between the Associate Editor and Senior Associate Editor. The Publishing Editors are responsible for the compilation of the final manuscripts and also the design of the journal. 

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Shruti Dhonde


Kareena Sobti

Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Karina Katrak


Yagnesh Sharma

Managing Editor

Niyati Karia

Managing Editor


Utsav Saxena

Managing Editor

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Vridhi Mathur

Publishing Editor


Atharva Khubalkar

Publishing Editor


Hitesh Nagpal

Senior Associate Editor


Sarashika Eakambaram

Senior Associate Editor

Aaryan Mohan.jpg

Aaryan Mohan

Senior Associate Editor

Abhi Udai Singh Gautam.jpeg

Abhi Udai Singh Gautam

Senior Associate Editor

Manvee Kumar Saidha.jpg

Manvee Kumar Saida

Senior Associate Editor

Shubham Dhamnaskar.jpeg

Shubham Dhamnaskar

Senior Associate Editor

Avishek Mehrotra.PNG

Avishek Mehrotra

Senior Associate Editor

Aayush Mishra.jpg

Aayush Mishra

Senior Associate Editor

Manav Ganapathy.jpg

Manav Ganapathy

Associate Editor

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