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The ACLR Blog

The ACLR blog, since its inception in June 2020 has strived to make a mark in the legal and corporate arena, by providing diverse perspectives, ideas, and studies of esteemed members of the legal fraternity. As of November 2020, we have published a total of 53 articles that have attracted an audience in thousands. Our authors are primarily the students of reputed national law schools of India, and legal practitioners practising Indian Law. Often we include opinion pieces of our advisors under the head of "expert opinion" column of the blog. With a team of experienced editors and an organized structure, we propose to bring out the most relevant and demanding issues concerning the corporate and commercial sector to the forefront. To turn these objectives into realizable goals, a six-member team has been established based on previous experience in deliberative writing and excellence in academics. The team includes students from the third to the final year of law school, who have been allotted roles based on their aptitude and interests to ensure smooth functioning of the blog. 

The blog follows a three-tier blind review process which adheres to a strict 7 day deadline for the first review.

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