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The Arbitration and Corporate Law Review (“ACLR”) is an initiative of three final year law students of Maharashtra National Law University Mumbai. The primary objective of this initiative is to contribute to legal scholarship in the corporate and commercial world as India finds itself in the process of more rapid reform than ever before. A pressing need is felt to raise the right questions to ensure that the reform does not escape the critical discourse. ACLR will fulfill this role by being at the focal point of this discourse generation through its real-time contribution to legal developments happening in the commercial space.

The initiative of ACLR has been under the aegis of our Patron, Dr. Kiran Rai (Head of the Department, MNLU Mumbai), and our esteemed Board of Editors. With a team of experienced editors and an organized structure, we propose to bring out the most relevant and demanding issues concerning the commercial sector to the forefront. To turn these objectives into realizable goals, an eleven-member strong team has been organized based on previous experience in deliberative writing and excellence in academics. The team includes students from the third to the final year of law school, who have been allotted roles based their on aptitude and interests to ensure smooth functioning of the Review. The composition of the team, mandate, and allocation of the work, and the selection process have all been detailed in the Policy of the Review.


Since its inception, the ACLR blog has published legal blogs authored by students hailing from domestic and foreign institutions of repute, contributing a fair share of legal scholarship on contemporary events happening in the industry.  We have been consistently ranked among the top arbitration blogs of the world and we strive to raise the bar higher with every published article. The ACLR Journal is scheduled to launch its first issue in the coming spring under the guidance of our existing Advisory Board and Hon'ble Members of the Judiciary.

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