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The genesis of Arbitration and Corporate Law Review was from a mighty idea that three experienced and enthusiastic final year students of the Maharashtra National Law University Mumbai, with a willingness to contribute to the discourse, formulated and pitched to eight of their spirited and resourceful peers. With a vision to provide real-time updates and facilitate dialogue on contemporary issues, ACLR works in collaboration with expert advisors to evaluate and ensure that the content is practically valuable and most relevant.


The aim is to achieve the least response time along with providing constructive feedback through our exhaustive review process, so as to encourage engagement and promote expression. 

  • Bodhisattwa Majumder

    Co-Founder/Editor-in-Chief (Journal)

    Pursuing his final year at law school, he is one of the three musketeers who came up with the idea of this venture. A fan of human rights and an ardent supporter of free speech. With a couple of paper/article publications under his belt, he decided to create something of his own

  • Arnav Maru

    Co-Founder/Managing Editor

    The "Corporate Guy". He is the second Co-founder who heads the corporate division of the blog. With a couple of top tier internships and moots in his CV, he adds practicality to the posts. He is responsible for maintaining high standards, and making sure that only the most relevant issues come to the forefront.

  • Aditya Prakash

    Co-Founder/Managing Editor

    The Third Co-Founder, also pursuing the final year of law school is an avid mooter and debater. With an inclination towards the General Corporate and Insolvency, . He manages to keep us informed about the grey areas of the law. He is the guy who keeps the discussions and debates going.

  • Snehal Dhote

    Editor-in-Chief (Blog)

    With the thirst to acquire knowledge about anything and everything, she regards the tiniest bit of information as Elixir of Life. To find a needle in the haystack is her full-time job, while she partakes in international mooting as her hobby.

  • Deeksha Sahni

    Managing Editor

    Currently pursuing her final year at law school, Deeksha is the in-house grammar nazi of the blog. You just can't make a mistake and get away with it if she is in charge. With an inclination towards commercial laws and legal research, she manages the review processes of the blog.

  • Shebani Bhargava

    Managing Editor

    ​A final year student with an eye for detail. With top-notch grades and internships, she is the brain of the blog. Subjects such as corporate law, insolvency law, and securities law interest her.

  • Manisha Katyal

    Social Media Advisor 

    Website designing, coding, photoshop, you name it, she knows it. She decides the face of this blog. A maestro in networking and media relations, she already has helped almost every committee NLU Mumbai. She advises the forum on PR and Networking

  • Shruti Dhonde


    ​She's the creative bug here. A bibliophile who channels her poetic thoughts through reviewing the post's language and grammar, she is the person who adds life to the articles. She takes interest in Arbitration and Intellectual Property and is passionate about Constitutional Law. She has taken concrete steps towards public service. An epistemophile, she is keen on engaging and learning.

  • Yagnesh Sharma


    New to the trade, but already making his mark through International Moots, Publications, and ADRs. His interests do not necessarily restrict themselves to a particular nation. Bringing a global perspective to the blog, he is our very own Mr. Worldwide.

  • Kareena Sobti


    An avid reader pursuing her second year at law school. A humanitarian at heart with a keen interest in policy research, she is here to contribute to the discourse and improve her own understanding of commercial laws.

  • Utsav Saxena


    Pursuing his third year, he is Mr. OCD. No fault can miss his eyes! Looking for tiny details is his masterpiece! He holds credible experience in moot courts, ADR competitions, along with an ardent pursuit for photography.

  • Karina Katrak


    Karina is a law student by vocation, a collaborator by choice, and a grammar nazi by obsession. National and international mooting has boosted her passion for legal research. A strong penchant for justice and equality drives her to strive hard towards perfection. She is steadfast in her belief that somewhere inside all of us is the power to change the world.

  • Vridhi Mathur

    Publishing Editor

    In addition to her love for Art and Basketball, she has a keen interest towards Corporate and International Commercial law, Economics and Human Rights Law. Her artistic engagement has probed her to often find out the reasons behind everything. Laughter and her so-called jokes like “Nothing comes easy in life, even a Santa comes with a Clause”, keeps her lively and helps her strive towards lawyering up.

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