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The genesis of Arbitration and Corporate Law Review was from a mighty idea that three experienced and enthusiastic final year students of the Maharashtra National Law University Mumbai, with a willingness to contribute to the discourse, formulated and pitched to eight of their spirited and resourceful peers. With a vision to provide real-time updates and facilitate dialogue on contemporary issues, ACLR works in collaboration with expert advisors to evaluate and ensure that the content is practically valuable and most relevant. What started as an initiative by the students of MNLU-M, was gradually expanded with the addition of members from other reputed law universities of the country.


The aim is to achieve the least response time along with providing constructive feedback through our exhaustive review process, so as to encourage engagement and promote expression. 

ACLR is a platform curated solely for informational and educational purposes. The publications featured on the platform are the personal views of the authors. They neither reflect the views of the editors and advisors nor any other person associated with it. Third-party links in the posts are provided for the convenience of the reader and ACLR takes no responsibility for their content. The purpose of this blog is limited to impart legal opinion and knowledge, as opposed to legal advice which must be always be sought from qualified legal practitioners only. ACLR provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

Arbitration & Corporate Law Review©2020 All rights reserved. The material published on ACLR cannot be duplicated or reproduced without the express and written permission of the concerned authors and the editors. It may be referred to, provided due credit is given to ACLR© in the form of a correct reference to the original content.

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